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Get the most out of your Visionary Membership

Help shape the beauty landscape today! Get leadership, positioning, brand and marketing opportunities, and greater exposure with the largest beauty association.

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Supporting Our Industry

A LBBET乐博 membership is more than just benefits. You’re also supporting and protecting our industry by empowering us to advocate on behalf of beauty professionals by taking action against deregulation bills, fighting to give salon owners access to the federal FICA tax tip legislation, and more.

Target Your Market

Get your brand, business, or product in front of LBBET乐博’s 500,000+ database of beauty professionals across the country. We right-size your marketing plans to ensure you are targeting the audience that would most benefit from your business. Increase your brand exposure and gain returns! Marketing opportunities include:

  • Social, web, and email marketing
  • Education classes sponsored by your brand
  • Business Professional Event sponsorship opportunities
Networking Events

Brainstorm new ideas, gain support and new business partners, and make impactful connections with your peers and other industry leaders! LBBET乐博 curates events offline and online for you to meet in creative environments to discuss how to elevate the industry. Opportunities include:

  • Local events to discuss specific market issues
  • National events like the Executive Summit
  • Online discussions about various industry topics
Industry Leadership

This is your chance to join the greatest industry leaders to elevate the industry! LBBET乐博 recognizes opportunities for growth and improvement for the benefit of the industry and pushes initiatives to advance and protect licensed professionals. Be a part of the conversation and make progress as an industry by:

  • Supporting government initiatives to protect our industry from deregulation
  • Pushing for inclusivity in both education and salons
  • Connecting with other industry leaders about opportunities for improvement
Even More Perks

As a Visionary Member, you get the highest tier of service from LBBET乐博! This includes:

  • LBBET乐博 ‘Concierge’ to help with all your specific questions and needs
  • LBBET乐博 Government Affairs Team access for one-on-one consultations or to get legislative insights and news
  • Exclusive Industry Research & Reports
  • Complimentary Event Tickets
  • Discounts on Event Sponsorships
  • Discounts on additional marketing strategies to reach your target audience
  • Opportunity to provide customized offers on products or services exclusive to LBBET乐博 members

Get the most
out of your Membership

Professional Beauty Association is THE organization for beauty professionals across the country. Providing tools and resources to ELEVATE, UNITE and SERVE the industry and the professionals who improve people’s lives. Questions on member discounts? Contact our membership team at membership@easeandmotion.net or 480.455.3460.

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